Sunday, January 2, 2011

Linking Soon

Jackie Beat superstar drag icon reviews The Stepford Wives (1975).
Cinema Blend Katey's top 10 list. I forgot to link up at the time but I'm always curious what friends will choose. We're about to record a podcast. Wheeee.
CineEuropa reviews the Macedonian Oscar entry Mothers.

I read this book. Thought it could be really cinematic. But only if they
bucked the trend of super faithful adaptations. Books are not movies!

Release Dates
Just Jared Tom Hardy as The Warrior gets a release date, September 9th.
Lady Gaga "Born This Way" on May 23rd.
Coming Soon Water For Elephants has a new still (to your left) and opens on April 22nd.
PlayBill looks at the upcoming Broadway openings. (Honestly, it seems like half of the shows running closed today, January 2nd, 2011.)
IndieWire looks at which 2011 releases will reflect 2010 releases. Some are obvious: 2011's Black Swan is The Wolverine. Some not so much.


The new site is up (mostly) -- it seems to be flickering in and out but should be running smoothly within the next couple of days. Still working on importing the blog. But you can see the new Oscar predictions and what not. If you're lucky. If not, try again later.

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