Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Josh Day

Happy 18th birthday to one of the most in demand young actors in Hollywood, Josh Hutcherson. As time goes by, I've stopped handing The Bening, Juli and  Ruff' all the credit for the beauty of The Kids Are All Right and the glory of the ensemble work becomes clearer.  (They'd better get a SAG ensemble nod in January.) When the DVD arrives in November, I know it'll be the type of movie that gets a lot of spins.

In our introduction to "Laser", we seem him watching his friend's dad wrestle and Josh lends Laser a heartbreakingly specific look, equal parts longing, physical adrenaline (there is wrestling involved), and inchoate wonder. It's really a beautiful moment, telegraphing exactly what we need to know about the character, the one whose emotional needs kick off the film's plot. Well done, Josh.

In truth this was my first exposure to the young actor but I understand he was a minor child star? Anything worth seeing from his filmography?

Here is The Bening (!!!) -- who hasn't been leaving the Beatty estate much this year -- presenting him with a "Breakthrough Film Actor of the Year Award" a couple of months ago at something called, hey look at that, the "Breakthrough of the Year Awards"...

You'll next see Josh in either the already completed remake of cheesy 80s flick Red Dawn (the release has been shelved for the time being due to MGM problems), the art forgery drama Carmel (whenever that comes out) or the slasher comedy Detention .... no scratch all that. You'll next see Josh on the red carpet since The Kids Are All Right will get some sort of awards run... Size TBD by various precursor voting bodies.

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