Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who's That Girl? (Episode 10)

Can you name the actress and the film in which she appears?
Who are these mystery girls?

[Highlight for answer] Tomboy icon Mary Stuart Masterston in Some Kind of Wonderful (1987). Guessed by Kit and domgogo

[Highlight for answer] Yep, that's SJP, Sarah Jessica Parker in Ed Wood (1994). The guy lying on the floor there is Johnny Depp. Guessed by James Colon.

C [Highlight for the Answer] The Oscar Nominated NATALIE WOOD in Splendor in the Grass (1961) Guessed first by Volvagia.

[Highlight for the answer] It's PAM GRIER in Coffy (1973). Guessed by Nick.

[Highlight for the answer] SANDRA BULLOCK in 28 Days. Guessed by mB

solve these mysteries in the comments.

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