Monday, October 4, 2010

"Thelma, don't you litter."


JA from MNPP here. At this point in Thelma & Louise, our girls have just robbed a convenience store (not to mention that whole shooting a rapist thing slightly earlier). In fact that tiny bottle of Wild Turkey that Thelma's contemplating chucking out of the car is amongst the stolen goods. And yet even the fiercest lady outlaws must have their standards. No littering!

Watching some of T&L this morning - it'd been awhile - the friction between the ladies they were and the criminals they're becoming is played for laughs a lot more than I'd remembered and this is one of my favorite throwaway moments. Although Louise is closed-off at the start she's hardly a schoolmarm, yet she keeps getting forced into the position with the newly rebellious Thelma, and Sarandon plays these moments with a really funny dose of bug-eyed bewilderment, unsure how she's found herself in the position of Mom. I wish she and Geena Davis had done a comedy together at some point, they would've been great at it. They still could...

Point being, happy birthday, Susan Sarandon!

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