Friday, October 8, 2010

Oscar Chart Revisions: Best Picture and Director

For as much as the internet would like you to think it's all figured out by now -- "The Social Network vs. The King's Speech: To the Death!" -- in truth, things are never settled in early October. I think 6 films are still looking solid for inclusion in the magic 10. But things can always change.

An awkward moment in the Academy's waiting room.

Anywayyyy, Check out the Best Picture Chart which gets a shake-up in both order, text, and predictions: Two new films enter the top ten and two timid "eligibility" releases exit. Just a hunch but I don't think this is a year for timid qualifying releases given how much of the conversation the top six films have already hogged. They're not budging. Who will be bold enough to challenge them?

Best Director is also revised. More Oscar updates over the weekend and a new episode of "Best Pictures From the Outside In." No fooling. We're finished.

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