Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10th Anniversary: Almost Famous

Today is the 10th anniversary of Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous (2000). I never quite understood its appeal but I understand it's beloved. I have only a vague recall of it. I remember Billy Crudup arms outstretched "I am a Golden God!" (and that Brad Pitt was originally earmarked for the part) and Frances McDormand's funny bossy telephone calls. I also vividly remember Penny Lane's (Kate Hudson) coat. You know the one. She never took it off in my mind (but this photo says otherwise) or at least that's how much the coat stayed burned to my retinas. So thanks, Betsy Heimann... and sorry you weren't Oscar nominated. What was that about exactly?

Anyway... I only bring this up because I'm wondering if you, dear reader, are one of this movie's groupies? If so, please explain the magic. Or maybe you'd like to share your own personal "I don't get it" in response to an otherwise beloved movie. We all have them.

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