Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Curio: Show Your Team Zizzou Colors

Alexa here. Bill Murray turns 60 today, the perfect age for his curmudgeonly ways. I've always been a lover of his, probably because he and I share the same hometown and oddball taste. And no one can play an aging, washed-up grump grasping for his former glory quite like the Murricane. In that vein, here are some ideas for how to dress like one of his iconic grumps, Steve Zizzou, just in time for Halloween. Or for when you're going to see that undersea documentary.

For your head, the classic Zissou hat...

or a reversible Zissou cycling cap for those of you on two wheels...

or better yet, maybe Tara Duff can make one of her bearded caps with a gray beard.

For your feet, fancy custom Zissou Adidas sneakers...

Can't forget that Team Zissou pin.

And for those who want a more low-maintenance look, just throw on this Team Zissou T-shirt.

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