Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Link to Link

Salon on the "Magical Negro," the offensive movie cliche that just won't die.
pullquote the Cinetrix appreciates the mise-en-scene of a unique triple feature: Pee Wee's Big Adventure, In the Mood for Love and Metropolis. Three great disparate movies. If I lived in Boston I would surely love the Brattle.
IMDB Penélope Cruz' rep makes it official: She's pregnant. The world will get the genetically blessed spawn of Cruz-Bardem in January or Februaryish.
Sina Tony Leung Chiu-Wai snapped leaving a noodleshop. Wait, isn't Maggie Cheung supposed to be the one fetching those? I can't believe he's nearing 50.

Critical Condition "the mysterious case of the disappearing 80s movies". This is a good read but I disagree with the resolution. I don't actually think modern technology will prevent films from becoming lost. I think the constant succession of new technologies will only acerbate the problem. Notice how many thousands and thousands of films that were available on VHS are not on DVD and now Blu-Ray is taking over.
Nicks Flick Picks
has a thoughtful reaction to the Venice "scandal" and its weird jury presumptions.
Kenneth in the (212) Madonna: "Most Likely To Direct". Hee.
Vanity Fair Natalie Portman on her role in Black Swan
ticklepickleme has 10 thoughts on those Rabbit Hole clips we were just watching.
Empire James Cameron's True Lies may become a tv series. Can Eliza Dushku reprise her role please?
Hollywood Reporter Toronto's "It Girl" is Brit actress Andrea Riseborough who stars in three films.

Finally, here's Julianne Moore politicking. Good on her.

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