Thursday, September 16, 2010

And I Know That My Comments Will Go On...

Thank you to all commenters! I've had a rough week off blog and I enjoy hearing your thoughts. Spambots are getting smarter. Their latest trick is to copy your actual comments -- the text being totally related to the post -- and repost with their sales link, so blog masters like myself think it sounds legit. Argh. Knowing that real people take the time to comment is such a blessing... especially with impostors in the mix. Plus, it's nice to know that things get read once they're off the main page.

Here's some highlights from older discussions...

Burning Reels saw the documentary Last Train Home (now in theatrical release) about the world's largest migration, annually in China, which I recommended back in January. Reels agrees that it's superb but has a minor quibble with the finale. Some awards pundits think this doc has a small chance to show up in the Oscar race. Documentary punditry isn't my strong suit but I'm really hoping they're underestimating it. Have any of you seen it? Go!

Film Composer agreed that Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland was a total let down... though maybe nobody hates it quite as much as I do.

Vanessa, Dan and Kelly all chimed in on last week's debut episode of "Unsung Heroes" which is still attracting readers. The topic was the special effects of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Vanessa loved the shot of Winslet slipping into darkness which reminds her of the rawness of dreams and trying to remember them as you wake up, Kelly thought the forced perspectives making Joel childlike were richly handled and Dan brought up an interesting comparison point: David Fincher's Zodiac. Good comparison point for sure.

Kai, who commented on the Prizzi's Honor 25th Anniversary retro, thinks the 1985 Oscar winner should have been The Color Purple, even declaring it Steven Spielberg's best work period.

La Notte and I Am Love: Viva Italia!

Caroline wrote a heartfelt note about a post from quite a while back about the loss of Heath Ledger. I know I'm not the only one that will forever connect Annie, Jake, Michelle and Heath to Brokeback Mountain, no matter how far away they travel from it with time.

Sean gave the thumbs up to Jose's tribute to Jeanne Moreau confessing that he's been watching La Notte for days on end. I really must catch that one soon. I loved Moreau in Bay of Angels so much.

And finally more up to date, FBH laments that "pure thespian" Tilda Swinton is two years running not-really-in-Best-Actress-discussions despite great her work is in Julia and I Am Love.

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