Friday, December 10, 2010

Comment Party. "We've Got Choreography!"

Which Academy Awards category that doesn't exist should?
...Stunts? Ensemble? Casting? Which nonexistent category do you wish they'd invent?

You know that if they still had Best Dance Direction (1935-1937 RIP) or some such choreography prize, that Benjamin Millipied who dances, acts, and choreographs Black Swan (as well as romancing Natalie Portman offscreen) would be in the running for an Oscar.

For more on Millipied, check out his Out Magazine interview.
“My curiosity goes a lot further than just the ballet world... my body has a certain amount of knowledge that has nothing to do with ballet.”
Given his modelling, off ballet interests, Portman dating, and now acting, maybe we'll be seeing more of him after Swan? For someone who can leap so high in the air, Millipied's official site is weirdly horizontal --- scroll scroll scroll across not up or down.
ANYWAYYYY.. Oscar categories that don't exit. Discuss.

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