Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oscar's Gonna Have His Way Toniiiiiight.

Jose here.

The brand new poster for the 83rd Academy Awards was released today.
Here it is if you have yet to see it...

The main poster (which seems to be yet another variation of the "Oscar as superhero" theme AMPAS always seems to recur to) is accompanied by three other posters which all include iconic images of Oscar night.

He will leave someone speechless tonight.

Reads the one accompanying the envelope we all love to hate.
And as cute as the tagline is, it truly should've been followed by "unless your name is Julia Roberts".

He will change someone's life tonight.

...when I saw the one with the spotlights I realized I was reading the taglines to the melody of West Side Story's fantastic "Tonight Quintet".
Try it yourself for some extra fun!
Oh and also, does Oscar still change lives? Did it ever for that matter?

He will make the stars shine tonight.

This one is perhaps my favorite because it highlights the one thing all of us love about Oscar night: the red carpet.
Even if we all want to slap each other the day after people we dislike beat Meryl Streep or Martin Scorsese loses Best Director for the umpteenth time, we all have a jolly time discussing who we loved and loathed during the red carpet show.

The classy, simple design of the accompanying posters also reminded me of something else:

Of course Black Swan might as well have the most brilliant poster campaign of the year and poor Oscar's posters look like they were designed on Paint after seeing the magnificent work graphic design company La Boca did with Darren Aronofsky's film.

Anyway, do you like what you see or would you have preferred to see Anne and James on top of a giant statuette like last year's strange design?

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