Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Link House

In Contention on another 'Year of the Woman.'
Acidemic's wildly surprising top ten. Erich is his own man as a critic. Which is why I like reading him.
BoingBoing life size wax figure of Patrick Swayze in Road House. No really.
Playbill if you're in NYC for the holidays, a ton of good shows are closing. Here's your last chance to see them.
Movie|Line Mike Ryan looks back at his year interviewing celebrities.
The Wrap 25 new films for the National Historic Registry including A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and The Exorcist.
Chateau Thombeau Joan Crawford in a loud dress. (love the punchline)

And now from the completely random department,  Ranker has a list of the "steamiest incestuous relationships on film" a perfect topic for the, uh, holidays? The list has a surprising amount of good films on it (from Chinatown --um the incest is not steamy. Ewww! -- to The Lion King (yes, really) to The Dreamers). But the obvious exclusion, and you can't really make a list this specific without including it is Close My Eyes which features a very young and constantly naked Clive Owen as a man who just really loves his big sister. Do you love Clive Owen? Like a brother or...

Where he be anyway?

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